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A letter from Young Able.

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here! It's a key blessing having the opportunity to travel the world and share my personal experiences, past, and journey with you through music and evangelism. This lifestyle I've chosen accompanies countless sacrifices physically, financially, and spiritually.


For years I've managed to work and balance a family life with friends in addition to releasing music. In January 2020 I quit my corporate job in order to undertake full-time music and ministry. During that transition I started questioning my decision believing it was a mistake. I began distancing myself from others. While managing these different trials God was building my character. I became wiser, stronger, and healthier mentally despite wanting to give up. God always knows everything that will happen before us. That's an important reason to have a real relationship with our Father in heaven.

I've been blessed with many gifts and talents. From a young age I admired hip-hop music. In my teen years I produced rap songs and started writing poetry. After surrendering my life to God a valuable commitment was made; I decided my music would reflect a sound and conscious mind relatable to all walks of life. I have never looked back. You get to become a partaker of this vision by sharing my music and giving. God bless you until we meet again."

                                                                                                  Yours Truly,






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