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Young Able is a Christian hip hop artist from Pennsylvania.


Young Able began producing music at the age of 11 when his mother bought him his first keyboard. Young Able has been musically inclined his entire life. When he was a young child he would set up objects around the house and use them as drumming pads to make beats on while using pencils and pens as drumsticks to play the objects. After getting his keyboard Young Able had big dreams of becoming a major music producer in the music industry and was influenced by musicians in the mainstream hip hop community.

In high school Young Able began making beats for several local rappers. They would come to his house and he'd compose beats for them while they would rap and he recorded the projects on a cassette player. Young Able was then asked by a close friend to be featured on a track as a rapper even though he had never rehearsed lyrics before. Young able still felt rap was not something he was rather passionate about and had producing music at the forefront of his mind.


Young Able moved from his hometown during high school and made some new friends from Brooklyn, New York. After school they would all listen to instrumentals together and freestyle rap for hours everyday. During this time is when Young Able developed his newly discovered rapping abilities. Today Young Able owns an independent record label, several businesses, and a clothing line. Young able is a recording artist on the record label that he owns.

In recent years Young Able has found faith in God and is a devout Christian. The music he makes reflects his beliefs and shortcomings from living on the streets when he was homeless.



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